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GHDK seeking Junior teams from 12years to 15years written by kashmir - 13.12.2014 2 comments

Hey would you like a cozy clan where you can enjoy and gamer together then we have the right clan.

You can join the clan without cash but in playing with [JuniorGHDK] tag

then we have something for you then contact an owner or COCl

sincerely management

Vores TS3/SERVER written by mrbigdk - 18.11.2014

http://www.teamspeak.com/invite/ >[DK] GHDK.Dk | CZ FFA >[DK] GHDK.Dk | CZ CW >[DK] GHDK.Dk | CS:GO FFA >[DK] GHDK.Dk | CS:GO GG >[DK] GHDK.Dk | CS FFA >[DK] GHDK.Dk | CS CW >[DK] GHDK.DK | BATTLEFIELD 4

ovenstående vil køre 24/7 365 dage om året .
De kan være nede hvis der er ddos attack eller de er ved at blive opdatere.


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